CTO Newsletter 01/02/23

CTO Newsletter 01/02/23

Dear ScaleWings community,

time flies, but the good news is – you’re the pilot –

In this newsletter I would like to inform you about:

1. KITPLANES magazine cover article and flight review of the SW-51 Mustang
2. “Chasing the Mustang” on YouTube: flying with your buddy in the SW-51
3. Technical updates on the latest SW-51 Mustang model

Lets go, or better – let’s fly 😉

1. Mustang Flight Review and cover feature in KITPLANES

Piloting the SW-51 MUSTANG “is a joy”, which is well stated in the feature article and flight review of the KITPLANES Magazine.

It’s incredible for ScaleWings to be on the cover of KITPLANES, but even more to have 16 pages dedicated to our aircraft!

KITPLANES author Paul Dye is the first journalist to have flown the SW-51 MUSTANG by himself. In his article he shares his hands-on experience of flying the SW-51, and also compares it with the flight experience of the original P-51.

What he thinks about the aircraft, you can read here:

ScaleWings SW-51 Mustang

2. Chasing the Mustang – YouTube episode on Dozen Duzit

Our US partner, former Thunderbird pilot and YouTube creator Trevor “Dozen” Aldridge, has brought it well to the point with his last Mustang video:

“The best part of aviation is the ability to share it with other people”

In an exhilarating new episode on this YouTube channel “Dozen Duzit”, Trevor takes his friend Grant on a ride in the SW-51 MUSTANG. The happiness these friends are experiencing together is a joy to watch. You can see the episode here:

3. Technical updates on the latest SW-51 MUSTANG model

But last but not least, let me inform you about one of our latest technical updates:

Full Glass Cockpit

As mentionend in the previous newsletter already, the “007” will be equipped with a full glass cockpit, consisting of a GARMIN 10″ G3X and a GARMIN G5 in the front panel, as well as a GARMIN 7″ G3X in the rear panel. It has updated knobs and levers, f.e. the flap lever which is in house made, or also the new landing gear control panel. This setup you can already buy and integrate into your Mustang. At time of making the following picture we had not yet received the 10″ GARMIN G3X display, which you may note by this large hole in the middle 😉
­ ­
Taxi & Landing Lights

The brand new demo aircraft SN “007” will be equipped for the first time with 2 landing and 1 taxi light on each side of the wing, mounted in the “machine gun pods”. These lights will have constant light but also flash light functions, which is super cool – will show you some videos soon. On the left you see the first integration in a test wing.

­ Taxi Camera

also a camera will be installed with the “007”. This camera, located around the belly scoop will provide you with straight forward visibility during taxiing, but also in flight, where you can check your landing gear position, or watch any other interesting things 😉

Inner Landing Gear Doors

Yep, finally the aircraft will get inner landing gear doors; those are the cool ones which open first before the landing gear is going to be retracted.. we have created a unique electronic unit, and proper mechanics which operate the doors. Once successfully tested, we will offer those doors also to you! 🙂


We keep you posted with the latest technical evolutions and updates!

Stay tuned and ­
­ Warmest Greetings


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