Be the legend.

SW-51 Mustang

The Legend is Alive. The SW-51 MUSTANG.

The SW-51 Mustang is an accurate replica of the legendary P-51 Mustang. A 70% true-to-scale aircraft in classic aluminum appearance, perfected from all-carbon design. More than 100,000 textures of the original aircraft embedded in all airframe surfaces create the ultimate reincarnation of the legendary icon. A perfect blend of classic style and cutting-edge technology.

The aircraft features a Rotax 915iS Turbo engine, a Garmin G3X glass cockpit combined with classic analog gauges, and an optional Ballistic Rescue System (Galaxy GRS). Climb rate exceeds 1,500 ft/min, with a the design Vne of 216 kts (400 km/h).

Hydraulic MT-4-blade variable pitch propeller 1800 mm.
Rotax 915iS Turbo. Supreme torque. Extreme reliability. Simplified pilot handling. Low maintenance. Multi fuel. (AV & MOGAS). Global support.
Optional Ballistic Rescue System made by Galaxy GRS.
Canopy slides and swivels. Easy entry and exit. Ventilation during taxi. It assure simple access for both, the pilot (at the front) and the co-pilot or passenger at the rear seat
Original scoop with integrated water cooler.
True to original main undercarriage, electrically retractable, gas pressure spring mounted and oil damped. Emergency release function.
Electrically retractable rear undercarriage, steerable and spring-mounted.
Electric elevator, rudder and aileron trims.
All-carbon design with more than 100,000 texture details of the Original Mustang. Polished aluminum finish.
Large landing flaps for easy take-off and landing.
Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is the SW-51 Mustang a single or double seater?

The SW-51 Mustang is a double seater with full controls even at the rear seat (co-pilot, or passenger). The pilot is sitting in the front, just as in the original. But the visibility is much better also for the rear occupant, as ScaleWings desgined the canopy in a way, that it ensure great looks, but also great visibility..

How much does the SW-51 Mustang cost?

The SW-51 Mustang is available as "QUICK BUILD KIT", and can be upgraded with further equipment options e.g. the engine, avionics etc. and further building assistance services can be provided.
- Quick Build Kit: 250,000 USD
- "Ready to Fly": starting at 495,000 USD
for a detailled price indication please use the contact form.

How long do I have to wait for my SW-51 Mustang?

The actual lead time is pending on the current sales backlog. Presently the lead time for a SW-51 KIT is about 16month, and for a "ready to fly" aircraft 20 month.*
*pending on actual sales number

Which engine is in the SW-51 Mustang installed?

ScaleWings aircraft designed and tested the aircraft in combination with a Rotax915iS and a const. speed (hydraulic) MT-4 Blade Propeller, with outstanding results in terms of performance, fuel efficiency - economics as well simplified and safe pilot handling. The Rotax915iS / Rotax916iS is either avialable as certified aircraft engine or as non certified version. The engine is turbocharged and has a guaranteed power of 141HP / 160HP up to 18kft. The engine can be bought through ScaleWings aircraft as optional equipment.

How fast is the SW-51 Mustang?

The SW-51 Mustang, with the Rotax915iS and MT-4 blade propeller has a cruise speed of approx. 180 kTAS in FL150. The fuel burn is approx. 7.5 USGph in ECO cruise. You see this aircraft is a great cruiser for cross country as well for fun flights around the airfield.

How is the SW-51 Mustang certified?

The SW-51 Mustang is an "experimental" amateur build aircraft. You can either purchase an aircraft KIT, which you assemble as "homebuilder", fullfilling the "51% Major Portion Rule"; as an alternative ScaleWings support you with a "Build Assist" Programme called "Build Your Legend"

Ultimate flying

  • Unique ramp appeal – more than 100.000 surface details
  • Classic style wrapped in advanced safety and performance
  • Precise control, harmonic balance and high manoeuvrability
  • Great take-off and landing handling
  • Highly efficient engine package
  • A exhilarating flying feeling



  • GOLD
  • or CLASSIC

packages available. for further informations please contact us.


  • Ballistic Rescue System (optional) by GRS Galaxy
  • Heating & ventilation
  • 12V LiFePo4 batterie
  • Electric retractable landing gear
  • Electric landing flaps
  • Visual and acoustic landing gear warning system
  • Hydraulic disc brakes with parking lock


  • Vintage: scale and original 70% replica of the historic P-51 Mustang
  • Accommodates pilots from 150 cm / 4 ft 11” to 200 cm / 6 ft 7”
  • Comfortable cabin width of 58 cm / 23”
  • Large luggage compartment
  • Easily removable outer wings for easy road transport and storing in limited hangar space


  • Aramid reinforced seats & leather seat cushion
  • Adjustable rudder pedal (front)
  • 5-point belts
  • Toe brakes (front)
  • Adjustable ventilation nozzles
  • Electric trim (pitch & rudder)
  • Charging plug USB


  • Two fuel sorts: MOGAS or AVGAS suitable with Rotax 915iS / 916iS
  • Two fully redudant fuel pumps
  • Two center wing tanks, 2 x 50 l / 13 USG (standard)
  • Proven & tested


  • Wingspan:       7.9 m / 311“
  • Length:            6.88 m / 280“
  • Height:             1.97 m / 78“
  • Wing area:       11 m² /118 ft²
  • Aspect ratio:      5.6
  • MTOW:             750kg(+) Experimental
  • Vne:                   216 kts (400 km/h)
  • Max. Loads:    +6/-4 g
  • Fuel tanks:       2 x 50 l (13 USG)

*non binding; subject to change without any notice


  • Carbon fiber honeycomb sandwich shells
  • Additional carbon aramid cockpit inner frame (personal protection)
  • Carbon fiber sandwich – fiber composite structure
  • Robust carbon windscreen frame as roll bar (personal protection)
  • Electrically retractable landing gear doors
  • Fire-resistant steel/carbon firewall
  • Canopy can be moved and turned
  • Carbon fiber push pull rods