Be the legend.

SW-51 Mustang

The Legend is Alive. The SW-51 Mustang.

The SW-51 Mustang is an accurate replica of the legendary P-51 Mustang. A 70% true-to-scale aircraft in classic aluminum appearance, perfected from all-carbon design. More than 100,000 textures of the original aircraft embedded in all airframe surfaces create the ultimate reincarnation of the legendary icon. A perfect blend of classic style and cutting-edge technology.

The aircraft features a Rotax 915iS Turbo engine, a Garmin G3X glass cockpit combined with classic analog gauges, and an optional Ballistic Rescue System (Galaxy GRS). Climb rate exceeds 2,200 ft/min, with a the design Vne of 216 kts (400 km/h).

Hydraulic MT-4-blade variable pitch propeller 1800 mm.
Rotax 915iS Turbo. Supreme torque. Extreme reliability. Maximum Turbo-chargerd efficiency to 15,000 ft.
Optional Ballistic Rescue System made by Galaxy GRS.
Canopy slides and swivels. Easy entry and exit. Ventilation during taxi.
Original scoop with integrated water cooler.
True to original main undercarriage, electrically retractable, gas pressure spring mounted and oil damped. Emergency release function.
Electrically retractable rear undercarriage, steerable and spring-mounted.
Electric elevator, rudder and aileron trims.
All-carbon design with more than 100,000 texture details of the Original Mustang. Polished aluminum finish.
Large landing flaps for easy take-off and landing.

Ultimate flying

  • Unique ramp appeal
  • Classic style wrapped in advanced safety and performance
  • Precise control, harmonic balance and high maneuverability
  • Great take-off and landing handling
  • Highly efficient engine package
  • A exhilarating flying feeling


Cockpit panel

  • Airspeed indicator (kts)
  • 3-pointer altimeter (20,000 ft)
  • Magnetic compass
  • Slope indicator
  • Variometer
  • Garmin G3X (optional)


  • Ballistic Rescue System (optional) by GRS Galaxy
  • Heating & ventilation
  • 12V LiFePo4 batterie
  • Electric retractable landing gear
  • Electric landing flaps
  • Visual and acoustic landing gear warning system
  • Hydraulic disc brakes with parking lock


  • Vintage: scale and original 70% replica of the historic P-51 Mustang
  • Accommodates pilots from 150 cm / 4 ft 11” to 200 cm / 6 ft 7”
  • Comfortable cabin Width of 58 cm / 22,8”
  • Large luggage compartment
  • Easily removable outer wings for easy road transport and storing in limited hangar space


  • Aramid reinforced carbon leather seats & leather seat cushion
  • Adjustable seat
  • 5-point belts
  • Adjustable rudder pedals
  • Toe brakes
  • Adjustable ventilation nozzles
  • Electric trim (elevation, side and cross rudder)
  • Charging plug 12 DC


  • MOGAS suitable with Rotax 915iS
  • Center wing 2 x 50 l (standard)
  • Optional additional outer wings fuel tanks 2 x 50 l

Data & dimensions

  • Wingspan:       7.9 m / 311“
  • Length:            6.88 m / 280“
  • Height:             1.97 m / 78“
  • Wing area:       11 m² /118 ft²
  • Aspect ratio:      5.6
  • MTOW:             750kg(+) Experimental
  • Vne:                   216 kts (400 km/h)
  • Max. Loads:    +6/-4 g
  • Fuel tanks:       2 x 50 l (standard)

Cell & materials

  • Carbon fiber honeycomb sandwich shells
  • Additional carbon aramid cockpit inner frame (personal protection)
  • Carbon fiber sandwich Fiber composite structure
  • Sturdy carbon windscreen frame as roll bar (personal protection)
  • Electrically retractable chassis
  • Fire-resistant steel/carbon firewall to engine compartment
  • Cabin roof can be moved and folded
  • Carbon fiber steering linkage

A mission.

A team effort. A family affair. Together with our suppliers, partners and customers we create a flying experience like no other. With us you can fulfil your dream of owner piloting one of the most iconic aircraft in history.

Safety first.

Your safety is our highest priority. We go above and beyond to provide the highest safety standards in our class. Built with highest quality materials, all aircraft can be equipped with Ballistic Rescue Systems.

Build your legend.

Build your dream SW-51 Mustang. We provide expert assistance at our ScaleWings manufacturing facility in Krosno, Aviation Valley, Poland. The “Build Your Legend” supports Amateur Builders with guaranteed success.