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The SW-51 MUSTANG offers modern fighter agility and classic aluminum ramp appeal, perfected with a superbly light and strong all-carbon composite construction. More than 100,000 original P-51 surface details embedded in the airframe create the ultimate reincarnation of the legendary icon.

State-of-the-art features bring this Mustang into the 21st century.  Cutting-edge, fuel-injected, FADEC-governed, turbocharged engines by BRP Rotax and EDGE Performance offer up to 180 hp to create a power-to-weight ratio similar to the original P-51. GARMIN avionics, BERINGER brakes and wheels, two-seater dual-controls, and electric retractable landing gear make this aircraft a joy to fly. The Galaxy GRS whole-aircraft parachute system provides exceptional safety and protection.

The ScaleWings SW-51 is an uncompromising reincarnation of the iconic aircraft integrated with the latest modern equipment and accessories, complete with factory support and service.


True-to-scale P-51
All-Carbon Composite Construction

100,000+ P-51 Surface Details
Unmatched Ramp Appeal

Dual controls

GARMIN Avionics Suite
G3X touch 10″, G5, A/P

All-electric Landing Gear
Retractable, front & rear with mechanical fail-safe

GRS Rescue System
Rocket-deployed aircraft rescue system

Turbocharged BRP Rotax 916iS
Bulletproof Reliability

BERINGER Brake and Wheel System
the Premier General Aviation Choice

Taxi Camera in belly scoop
Shows taxiway and Gear Extension/Retraction

Ready to take to the skies in style?

The SW-51 MUSTANG is available as a turnkey Ready-to-Fly aircraft or as a Kit, certificated in the E-AB category. Schedule a phone or video call to have all your questions answered.

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Aviation Valley. World-class manufacturing.

Our manufacturing facility in Krosno, Poland, is located in the Aviation Valley, one of the world´s largest technology clusters in the aviation industry. Aerospace multinationals like Sikorsky, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Pratt&Whitney, MTU, Lufthansa Technik, and many more rely on the 100+ years of aviation tradition in this region.

In our production facility of 2,300 sq. meters, we have a complete industrial machine shop where we can produce the majority of the parts in-house, enabling a tight vertical integration of the manufacturing process:

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