Keeping Dreams Alive.


Your unparalleled lifestyle aircraft.

Iconic design meets 21st century technology.

A word from our Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) & B.A. Simon Schell

Safety. Power. Elegance.

That is what our team at ScaleWings stands for with the design and handmade quality of the SW-51 MUSTANG.

It is a great pleasure for me and our outstanding team of designers, handcrafters, partners and supporters to deliver this unique aircraft to you.

Join us on the mission to keep the legend alive.

your Simon

Safety first

Your safety is our #1 priority. We commit to the highest standards of flight safety available today. All aircraft assembled in our Krosno facility are built, tested and documented following Part-23 inspired procedures. In addition, all SW-51 are designed to install all-airframe Ballistic Recovery Systems, by GRS Galaxy.

Build Your Legend

Our “Ready-to-Fly” Build Assist program. We provide an immersive experience for you to learn, customize and complete your dream Mustang in minimum time at our production facility in Krosno Poland. Enjoy the stunning city of Krakow and spend quality time with our highly dedicated engineers, mechanics, CEO and CTO.

Our key suppliers


  • ScaleWings has selected worldclass supplier for its products.
  •  Our main supplier are worldwide well known, their products are worldwide available and well supported.
  • ScaleWings has invested a lot, to select, tailor and integrate the best of the best, for your – ultimate livestyle aircraft – the SW-51 Mustang.

Make your dreams come true.

We create replicas of historic aircraft for light aviation with unique attention to detail.