Realizing pilot dreams.

We create unique flying experiences – with the true-to-original replica aircraft SW-51 Mustang

The ScaleWings aircraft team is a joint strike force!



Christian, CEO of ScaleWings aircraft, is merging his incredible talents to motivate, communicate and bringing together the right people - to the right time.
He has an MBA, and is flying fixed wing as well rotor wing aircraft.



Simon, CTO on behalf of ScaleWings aircraft is merging an outstanding aviation expertise, management and business practises.
He has a Dipl.Ing(FH) degree in aeronautical and automotive engineering from Munich University, as well a B.A. in Business Management. He is flying fixed wing, and seaplanes.

Aviation is in our DNA.

Our company headquarters are located in the heart of Europe at EDME airfield, Germany, 37NM East of the Munich International Airport (MUC). This region is one of the largest aviation clusters in the world. All global activites of the ScaleWings group are managed from here. It is the first point of contact for our customers.


Our mission is to develop revolutionary innovative aircraft, featuring groundbreaking technologies for the next level in aviation.

Aviation Valley. World-class manufacturing.

Our manufacturing facility in Krosno, Poland, is located in the Aviation Valley, one of the world´s largest technology clusters in the aviation industry. Amongst others, aerospace multinationals like Sikorsky, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Pratt&Whitney, MTU, Lufthansa Technik and many more rely on the 100+ years of aviation tradition in this region of the world.

In our production facility of 2,300m2 we have a complete industrial machine park to enable a high vertical integration of the manufacturing process: we can produce the majority of the aircraft´s parts in house.



ScaleWings has a team of world class engineers, working on the SW-51 Mustang, as well production optimization, modifications and maintenance and service solutions


One of the core competences of ScaleWings aircraft is the unique fabrication of carbon fiber materials but with the authentic look of metal aircraft.

The entire composite aiframe is made inhouse.


ScaleWings aircraft has its own machine park to fabricate world class milling, lathing, welding, honing and even 3D printed parts.


ScaleWings aircraft is using most precise and high quality methods to assemble the aircrafts.

Electrics & Avionics.

ScaleWings aircraft has its own avionic and electric workshop.

It is providing electrical wiring diagrams, harnesses & integration as well testing, to achieve most innovative and modern design solutions.


ScaleWings aircraft has its own paint shop, with a world class and unique painting system to make the aircraft stunning.

Each aircraft is painted individually in accordance to customer’s preference.


ScaleWings aircraft has its own airframe and further test facilites.

Each “rady to fly” airframe, and even (on request), KIT airframes can be tested with the inhouse fully hydraulic operated test center.


ScaleWings aircraft has its own carpentry shop.

Beside of producing production jigs, racks etc. we also produce shipping jigs, boxes etc. to be able to deliver all goods with the highest standard possible.

Check out training.

ScaleWings aircraft has proffesional partners who can offer check out training on your or demo Mustang.

Pending on your region and timing you can either do it in Europe or in Deland, Florida USA.

Family spirit.

Our team´s spirit is one of a family: a mutual support and inspiring cooperation that fuels our mission. We all share the same dream to build the world´s most authentic replica. We are a united force of more than 50 full-time professionals from Poland and Germany.

Current jobs (Praca)

The SW-51 Mustang.

A unique high performance aircraft designed for your ultimate fun, in style.

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