CEO Newsletter December 2023

CEO Newsletter December 2023

Dear ScaleWings community,

Today we invite you…

on a journey into the magic of manufacturing in the ScaleWings factory in the Aviation Valley of Poland.

With SW-51 Mustang videos totaling 80+ million views across all platforms, we believe you are well familiar with the aircraft itself 😉 Therefore, today we would like to give you an inside view into the heart of the building action, where our full-carbon P-51 replica is being manufactured.

In case you haven´t yet seen the latest videos, please visit our social media pages by clicking the links below (NOTE: you do not need your own account to view the videos):

Instagram Account: Scalewings_aircraft

Facebook Account: ScaleWings Aircraft

A huge appreciation to our cinematography team, producer Spencer Davis, drone pilot NikoFilmz and SW-51 pilot Alex Rolinski!

Factory Insights

The catapulting growth of the past 2 years – aircraft sold up to and including serial number 30 – was a great boost to scale-up our production capacity.

Just 1 year ago, our team was 26 people. Today, the ScaleWings full-time force has grown to 72 Mustang enthusiasts!

Of these, 69 crew members work and create in our Mustang factory in Krosno, Poland, enabling us to manufacture our 2 product lines

  • Quick Build Kit and
  • Ready-to-Fly Aircraft (Build Assist)

faster, and more efficiently.

Assembly hall at the ScaleWings factory in Krosno


As a result of these dynamics, our demand for production and warehouse floor space also expanded. Consequently, we are now – earlier than expected – expanding our assembly hall and storage space to a second building.

Although challenging and highly complex at times, we are continuously reviewing, analyzing, and iterating the production processes to achieve higher efficiencies and improved synchronization between the multiple production stations.

While the seemingly countless moving parts of our factory may not sync like a Swiss Clockwork as quite yet – we are more than ever getting closer to it

Space is filling up in the existing building

For growing the team further, training of team leaders is a key priority

Fitting of components in the Pre-Assembly department

1st floor of our building and the Heart of Lamination

Aramid Honeycomb Core (yellow/brown material) is embedded in all shells of the Mustang

The brand-New Rotax 916iS is installed in the next Ready-to-Fly SW-51 Mustang

Textbook wiring: installation of a new cockpit front panel

Avionics and Electrics leader Robert doing his magic in the next Ready-to-Fly SW-51

New rolls of Carbon Fibre awaiting processing in the Mustang “Birth Room / Paintshop Lead Jacek, Nickname “Picasso” – inspecting his latest masterpiece

Spirits are flying high! The magic of co-creation is a huge inspiration. I am very grateful for the incredible perseverance and resilience of the team over the years, and the opportunities we received in exchange. These fuel our exciting journey together with you… and the best is yet to come!

I hope you enjoyed your inside peek into the ScaleWing factory, and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!


CEO, ScaleWings Aircraft

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