Production Update – Season 2024 Outlook

Production Update – Season 2024 Outlook

Dear ScaleWings community,

Come on board with us…

on a next-level season with the all-carbon SW-51 MUSTANG.

In this update, we dial in on some important news:

  • Production Speed – Ramp-up succeeded
  • Design Update – More power – and more range
  • Events Schedule – Where to meet us in 2024 !

Production Speed – Ramp up succeeded.

In the first two months of 2024, two more Ready-to-Fly SW-51 MUSTANGhave been completed:

The latest “Stangs” are named Blue Marlin and Thunderbird, both boasting unique and stunning paint schemes. These two examples of the Ready-to-Fly SW-51 MUSTANG will now be making their ways in sea containers to their excited owners Mike from South Africa and Gary from Texas.

Thunderbird will also be showcased at SUN n FUN Aerospace Expo at Lakeland, FL, from 9-14 April 2024, see further details at the end below.

Drivers of Production Speed

Since late 2022, we have invested great amounts of time and capital into creating a next-level production output to match the high demand for the aircraft. We knew this would not be easy, understanding that it was at this pivotal moment that too many manufacturers before us had failed. In many ways, succeeding in high-volume production can be harder than creating the product itself.

We have successfully established and standardized the highly anticipated production output speed of one new Build-Assist Ready-to-Fly aircraft every 4-6 weeks.

This new pace of manufacturing is the direct result of two major speed drivers: team (size & talent) and industrialized production flows.

Finding and recruiting the best talent for our mission was this achievement’s first, most critical, and time-intensive job, as we were not going to settle with second-best fits. Today, we are thrilled to have united a true “A-team” of 72 high performers, combining vastly complementary skill sets and experiences. Our teamwork and support for mutual growth are contagious and boost our productivity and Joy of Doing. We are aware of our responsibility to create something of high relevance to the Aviation space, which in turn drives our everyday devotion to excel on this mission.

As the second biggest driver of speed, we created new management pillars and spent countless hours defining, testing, refining, and streamlining our in-house and outsourced production processes. The fruits of this labor have taken us from “one-by-one” aircraft production to an industrialized manufacturing method, now creating multiple aircraft in parallel throughout the different stations of the build process.

Production floor all at the ScaleWings factory with 4 SW-51 MUSTANGs in parallel assembly

Design Update

More power !

Blue Marlin and Thunderbird are the first SW-51 MUSTANG to feature the latest BRP 916iS engine (see pictures below). This new turbocharged and fuel-injected top model of the Rotax family has been widely celebrated, especially in the US, and is regarded of launching a new era of 21st century light aviation powerplants, boasting 160 hp and up to 30% more torque than the previous 915iS – while even burning less fuel! Right from the get-go, the manufacturer has set the TBO of the new 916 to 2,000 hours – versus 1,200 hours on the previous 915 – a testament to extensive testing and proven reliability of all new components implemented on the engine.

BRP 916iS installed in Blue Marlin

Twice the range – Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

A new feature in terms of aircraft design that has now been completed is our auxiliary fuel tanks. After freezing the design in early 2024, production of the first SW-51 MUSTANG to with these additional wing tanks has started. The new wing tanks are integrated inside the outer wings, allowing easy access when outer wings are removed. The new tanks are light weighted aluminum tanks, offering additionally 18USG of fuel. This Add-On doubles the endurance of our aircraft, further increasing the mission capabilities of this “every day” dispatch Mustang.

auxillary fuel tank, installed in the outer wing

Events Schedule 2024

Our doors in our factory in Krosno in the Aviation Valley of Poland are always open for your visits. If you plan to be in the region, call or write us to schedule a guided tour with Christian, Simon or Monika.

Outside of the factory, you can find us this year 2024 at the following Airshows and Events in the USA and Europe:

  • 9-14 April: SUN N FUN Aerospace Expo, Lakeland, FL, USA
  • 22-28 July: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, WI, USA
  • 14-15 September: Air Legend Paris, Paris-Villaroche, France­

9-14 April, 2024

­SUN N FUN Aerospace Expo, Lakeland, FL, USA

This year we will bring two flying SW-51 MUSTANGs. We are also scheduled to fly in the Main Airshow Program on Wednesday, 10th of April

A personal note from Christian and Simon…

There is so much more to tell than a Newsletter can cover. Meet us and get to know us personally, what we do and what we stand for with this product and our team. We are excited to see you at our factory or at any of the upcoming Airshows and Events of 2024 !


Christian and Simon

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