CEO Newsletter March 2023

CEO Newsletter March 2023

Dear ScaleWings community,

welcome to the March episode of my newsletter, where I would like update you on the following topics:

  • Big boost to the fleet: 5 new customers in the past 4 weeks
  • Airshow season kick-off – next stop @ SUN N FUN 2023, USA
  • We are hiring ! Five new employees and more than 10 to join

Big boost to the fleet: 5 new customers in the past 4 weeks

In the past 4 weeks a boosting number of 5 new owners have joined our fleet ! The latest future SW-51 MUSTANG pilots secured production slots SN 018, SN 019, SN 020, SN 021, and SN 022 !

Our new fleet members are from: the USA (3x), Canada and the Netherlands. Four aircraft are “Quick Build Kits” and one is a “Build Assist Ready-to-Fly”.

I warmly welcome Scott, Dave, Alex, Gordon and Mike, and thank you for choosing the SW-51 MUSTANG ! ­

Airshow season kick-off: Next stop at SUN´N´FUN 2023

Simon (CTO), Pawel (COO) and I are currently in Australia at the AVALON AIRSHOW, meeting great people and building our network on 5th continent we deliver to.

The next best possibility to see the SW-51 MUSTANG live is at SUN´N´FUN 2023 exhibition and airshow at Lakeland, Florida, USA. Traditionally, this venue marks the beginning of the US airshow season, and last year´s ScaleWings premiere was a key milestone of our success.

This year, we are returning to Lakeland, intending to bring 2 aircraft: SN 000 „Moon Eagle“ and SN 001 „Yellow Jacket“ – the aircraft that has gone viral on social media. Our great friend Jorge is planning to fly his “Yellow Jacket“ to Florida, all the way from Medellin, Colombia. The intended flight route will cover a total distance of more than 2.000 miles. We are also working on flying the Yellow Jacket live during a flight demo at the show.

Avalon Airshow in Geelong, Australia

if you ask yourself now, where the heck is Geelong? It’s south of Melbourne in Australia and from my first attendance in 2017, I have to state it is an incredible show, which is a must see, at least if you are around the corner..

On top, you can meet the ScaleWings team from the 28th of Feb to the 5th of March:
Christian (CEO), Simon (CTO), Pawel (COO)

and ask all the questions you may have about the SW-51 Mustang! ­

­ ­ ­

­ ­ ­Our team is growing: 5 new employees on board and +10 to join

As we are expanding our production capabilities to meet the amazingly strong demand of our aircraft, we are constantly hiring new talents to join our mission, focussing on production workers in the lamination, pre-assembly and assembly departments. By the end of this year, we will have grown our team to about 50, enabling us to establish a production output that is twice as high as our current volume. We continue to minimize our lead times to get you and your friends into the air, faster than ever before.

I am much looking forward to seeing you at SUN´N´FUN !




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