Now shipping ! The SW-51 Mustang “Quick Build Kit”

Now shipping ! The SW-51 Mustang “Quick Build Kit”

ScaleWings Aircraft is launching shipments of the “Quick Build Kit” of the SW-51 Mustang, the world ́s most accurate P-51 Mustang replica at 70% scale. The Standard Kit includes the complete all-carbon body parts, control elements, seats and the electrically driven retractable landing gear. This is your ultimate chance to build a dream SW-51 Mustang at optimized costs.

Unique feature: more than 100,000 details (rivets, screws, etc.) of the Original P-51 Mustang are already worked into the carbon surfaces of the delivered kit, creating the perfect reincarnation of the legendary icon. This is beyond any previous Kit execution in the market.

The Standard Kit includes:

  • Fuselage
  • Center Wing
  • Outer Wings
  • Stabilizer
  • Control surfaces and system
  • Electrical Retractable Landing Gear
  • Seats (front and back, leather covers)
  • Tank System

Optional additional equipment includes

  • Firewall Forward Kit including Rotax 915iS and MT-4-blade-Propeller
  • Avionics Kit including Garmin G3X Touch and a mix of analogue gauges

The Standard Kit and optional packages can be ordered now.


For more information contact our sales team:

Christian von Kessel


Note: The actual packing list of the aircraft kit and further optional equipment is solely specified within a Purchase & Sales Agreement between ScaleWings GmbH and Customer.


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