Fly the Legend.

SW-51 Mustang

The Legend is Alive.

The SW-51 Mustang.

Never before has an historical aircraft been successfully recreated as a Light, Ultralight and Experimental-Kit aircraft in such detail.

A perfect 70% replica of the legendary P-51 Mustang, the ScaleWings SW-51 is one of its kind. Feel the perfection in every detail as you look at the nearly 100,000 rivets we incorporated into all surfaces in more than 60,000 man hours. The SW-51 Mustang looks like Aluminium but is a state-of-the-art all carbon aicraft. Even the mirror shine of polished aluminum has been realized to enhance the historical impression, creating awe with every observer.

A fully aerobatic high performance aircraft designed for your Ultimate Fun.

Hydraulic four-blade variable pitch propeller with original blade 1800 – 2350 mm
Five engine variants from 100 hp Rotax to 6.2 l – V8 Supercharger with 600 hp
Integrated total rescue system (for 600 kg or 1200 kg)
Canopy slides and swivels (for easy entry and exit)
Original radiator grille with integrated oil and water cooler (V8 version)
True to original main undercarriage, electrically retractable, gas pressure spring mounted and oil damped
Electrically retractable rear undercarriage, steerable and spring-mounted
Electric elevator, rudder and aileron trims
Two structural versions: 600 kg and 1200 kg maximum take-off weight
Large landing flaps for easy take-off and landing

Ultimate flying

  • Easy take-off and landing with steerable rear undercarriage
  • Large chassis width
  • Precise control: Lies well in the air, is stable and manoeuvrable
  • Fantastic performance: like the original or better (Experimental Version)
  • A great flight feeling


Front panel

  • Airspeed indicator (kts)
  • 3-pointer altimeter (20,000 ft)
  • Magnetic compass
  • Slope indicator
  • Variometer
  • FLINOS basic panel (flight information & operations system)
  • UL Rotax packages
  • Engine panel
  • Rev counter
  • Suction pressure gauge (for 915iS)
  • 2 x fuel gauge

Rear panel

  • Speed display (kts)
  • 3-pointer altimeter (20,000 ft)
  • Magnetic compass
  • Slope indicator
  • Variometer


  • Heating & ventilation
  • 12V LiFePo4 batterie
  • Electric retractable undercarriage
  • Electric landing gear doors
  • Electric landing flaps
  • Hydraulic disc brakes with parking lock


  • Vintage: scale and original 70% replica of the historic P-51 Mustang
  • Accommodates pilots from 150 cm / 4 ft 11” to 200 cm / 6 ft 7”
  • Comfortable cabin Width of 58 cm / 22,8”
  • Throttle grip and propeller adjustment front and rear
  • Large luggage compartment: access via folding backrest of rear seat
  • Easily removable outer wings with automatic connections of landing flaps, ailerons, pitot tube, electrical connections and fuel lines – one person -5 min. and the Mustang fits in the smallest space in the hangar or in the ScaleWings AeroTrailer (passenger car trailer)


  • Aramid reinforced carbon leather seats & leather seat cushions front and rear
  • Adjustable front seat
  • Removable rear seat including joystick
  • 5-point belts front and rear
  • Adjustable rudder pedals front and rear
  • Front and rear toe brakes
  • Adjustable ventilation nozzles
  • Electric trim (elevation, side and cross rudder)
  • Charging plug 12 DC

Fuel tanks

  • Aerobatics tank in middle wing 2 x 50 (standard)
  • Optional fuel tanks in the outer wings 2 x 100 l

Data & dimensions

  • Wingspan 7.9 m / 311“
  • Length 6.88 m / 280“
  • Height 1.97 m / 78“
  • Wing area 11 m² /118 ft²
  • Aspect ratio 5.6
  • Maximum take-off weight: Ultralight 600 kg, Experimental 1200 kg
  • Speed Vne: Ultralight 400 km/h, Experimental 600 kg
  • Max. Load factors +6/-4 g Aerobatics
  • Aerobatic tanks in middle wing 2 x 50 (standard)
  • 1200 kg Exp.version: Optional fuel tanks in the outer wings 2 x 100 l

Cell & materials

  • Carbon fiber honeycomb sandwich shells
  • Additional carbon aramid cockpit inner frame (personal protection)
  • Carbon fiber sandwich Fiber composite structure
  • Sturdy carbon windscreen frame as roll bar (personal protection)
  • Electrically retractable chassis (fixed for S-LSA (USA) version)
  • Fire-resistant steel/carbon firewall to engine compartment
  • Cabin roof can be moved and folded
  • Carbon fiber steering linkage

A dream

Our engine for success? To make your flying dream come true, regardless of how crazy it may be.

Safety first

Your safety is our highest priority. We go above and beyond to provide the highest standards of flight safety. Built with the most advanced and reliable materials, all ScaleWings are standard equipped with the Galaxy® ballistic parachute system.

Build your legend

Build your dream mustang in the fastest possible time. We provide expert assistance at Scalewings locations in Krosno, Poland and Eggenfelden, Germany to customize your plane to the highest degree in less than four weeks.