Take to the skies in style:
Experience the legacy of the original
Mustang with the SW-51.

1 ft


0,001 ft




1 nm


1 lbs

Useful Load


Max g-loads



Maximum Takeoff Weight 1,940 lbs (880 kg)
Basic Empty Weight 1,278 lbs (580 kg)
Useful Load650 lbs (300 kg)


Takeoff950 ft (290 m)
Takeoff over 50 ft obstacle1350 ft (412 m)
Climb Rate2,300 ft/min
Max. Operating Altitude23,000 ft
Stall Speed no flaps54 kts
Stall Speed full flaps48 kts
Landing Ground Roll1,100 ft


Power160 hp


Wingspan26 ft (7.90 m)
Length23 ft (6.90 m)
Height8.9 ft (2.70 m)
Cabin Width22.85 " (58 cm)
Max pilot height6.6 ft (200 cm)

Introducing the SW-51 Mustang

The world’s most authentic replica of the legendary P-51 Mustang. This aircraft embodies the perfect fusion of classic allure and modern technology. With its unparalleled agility, all-carbon design, and classic aluminum ramp appeal, it’s more than just a plane – it’s a tribute to aviation history. Over 100,000 textures from the original aircraft are embedded in all airframe surfaces, bringing the iconic legend back to life in the most extraordinary way.

Why choose SW-51 Mustang?

Under the hood, the SW-51 Mustang is powered by a Rotax 916iS Turbo engine and features a state-of-the-art Garmin G3X glass cockpit, complemented by classic analog gauges. For added safety, an optional Ballistic Rescue System (Galaxy GRS) can be installed. With a climb rate exceeding 2,000 ft/min and a design Vne of 216 kts (400 km/h) while burning 8-9 gal / hour, the SW-51 Mustang is not only a testament to the past, but a beacon for the future of aviation.

True-to-scale P-51
All-Carbon Composite Construction

100,000+ P-51 Surface Details
Unmatched Ramp Appeal

Dual controls

GARMIN Avionics Suite
G3X touch 10″, G5, A/P

All-electric Landing Gear
Retractable, front & rear with mechanical fail-safe

GRS Rescue System
Rocket-deployed aircraft rescue system

Turbocharged BRP Rotax 916iS
Bulletproof Reliability

BERINGER Brake and Wheel System
the Premier General Aviation Choice

Taxi Camera in belly scoop
Shows taxiway and Gear Extension/Retraction

Avionics Options

The SW-51 Mustang offers a range of avionics options tailored to your needs. The Silver Package includes a Garmin G3X Touch 7″ and a Garmin G5 located at the back seat panel. For those seeking a more comprehensive setup, the Gold Package offers a Garmin G3X Touch 10″, a Garmin G5 as backup instrumentation, and an additional Garmin G3X Touch 7″.


Garmin G3X Touch 7″
Garmin G5 (at the back seat panel)


Garmin G3X Touch 10″
Garmin G5 (Backup Instrumentation)
Garmin G3X Touch 7″


The SW-51 Mustang seamlessly blends the iconic look of the original Mustang with innovative functionalities, creating a design that is both visually appealing and highly functional.

Build Assist Program

Build Your Legend® is our build assist program for your turn-key Ready-to-Fly SW-51 MUSTANG. Experience the magic of the Mustang creation. Dive in on an unforgettable journey to complete your aircraft in minimum time at our factory in the Aviation Valley of Poland. Combine your trip with a visit to the city of Krakow, one of the prettiest cities in the world.


The SW-51 Mustang can be equipped with a GRS rescue system. In the emergency, an airframe mounted parachute, released by a rocket, can save your life and protect the airplane from severe damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SW-51 Mustang is a double seater with full controls even at the rear seat (co-pilot, or passenger). The pilot sits in the front, just like in the original.

As of Jan 2024, the lead time for a “Ready-to-Fly” SW-51 MUSTANG is approx. 14 months.

ScaleWings aircraft designed and tested the aircraft for the modern Rotax 915iS and 916iS engines with constant speed (hydraulic) 4-Blade Propeller by MT-Propeller – with outstanding results in terms of performance, reliability, fuel economy, as well simplified and safe pilot handling. The FADEC-controlled 916iS is turbocharged and delivers a guaranteed power of 160hp up to 15,000 feet. The reliability and maintenance support of Rotax allows you to travel in comfort to any destination, and the Turbo gives you maximum performance in high elevations and mountain crossings.

The SW-51 Mustang, with the Rotax916iS and MT-4 blade propeller has a cruise speed of approx. 180 kTAS in FL150. The fuel burn is approx. 7.5 USGph in ECO cruise. The Vne of 216 kts allows for dynamic flying at ultimate fun, including positive g-loads (only) aerobatics.

The SW-51 MUSTANG is certificated in “Experimental Amateur Build or E-AB” category. You can either purchase a Kit to assemble all by yourself as an amateur “homebuilder” or select the Ready-to-Fly version which includes our highly appreciated Build Assist program, called “Build Your Legend”. In both ways, the aircraft is completed following the 51% Major Portion Rule requirements of the Amateur Builder.

Prices for the SW-51 MUSTANG depend on your configuration choice. Prices range from 235k USD for a Quick Build Kit and 450k USD for the standard “Ready-to-Fly” version. For a detailed quote, please contact us through our contact form, or this email address:

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