Build your Legend.

Build your dream SW-51 Mustang in the shortest time possible. BUILD YOUR LEGEND is our build assistance program of the Quick Build Kit offered at our aircraft factory in Krosno, Poland (Europe), and our partner company TITAN AIRCRAFT in Ohio, USA.

BUILD YOUR LEGEND assures highest quality and fastest build completion of your dream Mustang. BUILD YOUR LEGEND helps you to spend more time where you should be. In the AIR.

Build your own SW-51 Mustang

Using the latest technologies and innovative improvements in manufacturing process, we have developed a build assistance program that reduces building time for Kit-Aircraft by more than 70%.

The tailor-made Build Your Legend program provides professional support while complying with the Major Portion Rule (51% rule) of the Amateur Aircraft Construction Guidelines. It allows to assemble your own kit aircraft only in a few weeks. Enjoy the fun and pride of building your own aircraft while gaining a profound understanding of all manufacturing processes and components of the SW-51.

Visit us in our factory

Visit us at our production facility in the “Aviation Valley” in Krosno (Poland), where you can get professional advice and support in building your individual SW-51 Mustang.

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