Build your Legend.

Build your dream SW-51 Mustang in the shortest time possible. BUILD YOUR LEGEND is our build assistance program of the Quick Build Kit offered at our aircraft factory in Krosno, Poland (Europe).

BUILD YOUR LEGEND assures highest quality and fastest build completion of your dream Mustang. BUILD YOUR LEGEND helps you to spend more time where you should be. In the AIR.

Convert your Mustang from the Quick Build KIT


a “ready to fly” aircraft

via the ScaleWings – “Build Your Legend” Programme

in the shortest time possible.

what do I have to do to go through the “Build Your Legend” Programme?

1. international arrival to


join us in Munich, where you can get the full “Bavaria” experience, in one of the most beautiful and interesting city in Germany

City of Munich

2. proceed to Krakow

Welcome in Poland

where you stay in one of the “pearls” of European cities. Krakow is full of rich tradition, and a great selection of  many amazing activities.

City of Krakow

3. Refresh at “Palace Polanka”


before we start the “Build Your Legend” Programme we take some time to relax from the long flight at our partner hotel “Palace Polanka”

Palace Polanka

4. ScaleWings Poland

Let’s start, building your SW-51 Mustang

at ScaleWings Poland, you get the full training, education and building experience for your SW-51 Mustang in a minimum of time, but with a maximum in fit and finish.

ScaleWings Poland

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