Build Your Legend.

ScaleWings has made to its mission to break new ground with creative ideas and to develop revolutionary, innovative aircraft, modern propulsion systems and cutting-edge technologies for sport aviation. We create unforgettable flying experiences with scale and original replicas of historic aircraft – currently with the legendary die SW-51 Mustang.

Build your own SW-51 Mustang

Using the latest technologies and innovative improvements to the manufacturing process, we have developed a build support program that can reduce the usual kit build time by more than 75%.

The customized “Build Your Legend” program provides professional support while adhering to the “Major Portion Rule (51% rule) of the amateur aircraft building guidelines. This makes it possible to build your own kit airplane in just a few weeks. Enjoy the fun of building your own aircraft while also gaining an understanding of the manufacturing processes and components of the aircraft. Knowing all the details of your SW-51 Mustang will bring you the confidence to utilize the performance reserves of this aircraft.

Note: The actual building time may vary from type, configuration and actual builder. ScaleWings does neither guarantee the success of building nor any issuance of an airworthiness certificate, which is within the sole responsibility of builder.

Visit us in our factory

Visit us at our Krosno facility for professional advice and assistance in building your custom SW-51 Mustang.

For more information about amateur aircraft building and the 51% rule, please contact your National Aviation Authority or Amateur Aircraft Builders Association:

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