The patent pending ScaleWings aerobatic oil supply system.

Innovative & sustainable.

ScaleWings’ patent-pending AcroOil system reliably supplies the engine with oil in all flight positions.

In addition to the maintenance-free and problem-free oil supply and changeover, the oil separation for the exhaust air has also been integrated so that no oil can escape into the environment during aerobatics. In addition, AcroOil offers the option of heat exchange between oil and cooling water. This eliminates the need for a standard oil cooler and cooling air duct. The advantage lies essentially in the faster oil preheating when the engine is warming up and the dissipation of the engine oil heat in high-load operation. The AcroOil system has the same dimensions as the original Rotax oil tank.

Even during aerobatics, no oil gets into the environment, thanks to our innovative AcroOil system.

Rotax and aerobatics

Rotax prohibits aerobatics with Rotax engines. SW-51 Mustangs that are equipped with a Rotax engine are not allowed to exceed 60° cross inclination and +/- 30° longitudinal inclination. The ScaleWings AcroOil is therefore not available for Rotax engines.