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ScaleWings – CTO Newsletter – 15.12.2022

ScaleWings – CTO Newsletter – 15.12.2022

Dear ScaleWings community,

It is time for the 2nd CTO letter. I hope you enjoyed the 1st one and checked out our new Technical Blog on YouTube – for those who didn´t have the chance to see it, here is the link to our Channel:

In this letter, I would like to talk about a frequently asked question that we understand as a high priority from our side. It is about the ­

Quick Build Kit – Assembly Process

Please let me start with some words about what we achieved in this year. In 2022, we completed, respectively delivered, SN001, Kit SN002, Kit SN003, Ready-to-Fly SN004, Kit SN005, Ready-to-Fly SN007, and Kit SN008 – in its final stage.

Kit SN002 and Kit SN003 are both in Build Assist with TITAN AIRCRAFT in Ohio, USA.Thank you John Williams for your great support !

Now, the big question is, what does “Quick Build” really mean?

Actually from an objective point of view, you can have a look at the SW-51 MUSTANG “Assembly Checklist” document in the link below, which indicates the scope of work that is done by us, the Amateur Builder, the Build Assist professional, etc. The document indicates the manufacturing % share that we do, and the remaining scope of work that you have to do either by yourself or with the help of a Build Assist professional.

Besides the Quick Build Kit, we also offer Ready-to-Fly aircraft, built with support of ScaleWings (i.e. Build Assist – certificated in “Experimental Amateur Build” category) or fully built by ScaleWings (i.e. Factory Built – certificated in “Experimental Exhibition” category).
SW-51 Major Portion Rule List

Quick Build Kit – Amateur Build Assembly:

The current Homebuilder´s / Amateur Builder´s assembly contribution share with the Quick Build Kit is calculated with 54,6%, so well above the minimum requirement of 51% (Major Portion Rule).

Generally, as buyer of a Quick Build Kit, you get the entire composite airframe, where all the composite work is done for you already. Hereby I mean e.g. the closure of the shells (there are two shells each for the fuselage, center wing, outer wings, control surfaces). Also all frames, ribs, etc. are already installed.

You also get all metal parts required to attach e.g. the center wing to the fuselage, the flight control system and also the landing gear including the retractable gear mechanism with actuators, as well as the standard wheel and break system provided by Kaspar, with the true-to-scale magnesium-alloy wheels. As you could see it in one of the recent videos, Episode 1 – Break and Wheel System, we also offer an alternative break and wheel system by Beringer, which you can add optionally by selecting the system package. A detailed list about the included parts and further options including pricing you can receive upon request at any time.

With the Quick Build Kit, the airframe comes pre-assembled from the factory with all its composite parts. So, for example, we install the center wing to the fuselage. During this process we trim the surfaces, we pre drill required boreholes into the parts that it can be attached, and align it. Then we disassemble it again, that you can assemble it in accordance with the 51% Major Portion Rule.

Due to this advanced Quick Build pre-process we estimate to lower the home build assembly and completion time to below 1000 hours and our procedure guarantees you the perfect exact alignment and proper trimming. It also prevents you from the required building of needed special tools, e.g. for the alignment of the parts.

The pictures below indicate the shipping status of a Quick Build Kit: ­


As you can see, the SW-51 MUSTANG is a next level aircraft not only from its elegant looks, state-of-the-art design and 21st century safety features, but also from its manufacturing methodology and ease to be built by yourself, the Homebuilder. The resulting homebuilt assembly process keeps your stress levels low, enables a frustration-free build, minimizes required skill levels, while at the same time maximizing the quality of the finished product, as well as flight safety.

For the homebuilding itself, and to support your job, besides the technical drawings and builder manuals, which we use by ourselves in the factory, we are in the process of creating educational videos and photo logs of all sub-assembly and main assembly groups, which will lead you step by step through the required process of building. This will enhance your building experience and as you will see, it will be a lot of fun to do so.

Some further interesting production insights, you can find in our latest Youtube Video, by a click on the button below or by search on our channel.

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­Because season ending is coming soon, the next Newsletter will be released in Mid of January 2023; but no worries, we will not release you without a nice greetings card 😉
Warmest Greetings


Chief Technical Officer
on behalf of ScaleWings Aircraft ­

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