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ScaleWings – CEO Newsletter – 01.11.2022

ScaleWings – CEO Newsletter – 01.11.2022

Dear ScaleWings community,

after a high intensity summer packed with incredible US airshow premieres, dynamic organizational growth and overwhelming sales momentum with less hours in a day than work to get done, this is the first newsletter of our new format:

Starting today, on every 1st of each month, we will send you a CEO Newsletter on the overall progress of our company, giving you a reliable stream of information on the latest project updates, introduction of team members, event announcements, organizational innovations, and much more.

In the same monthly frequency, offset by two weeks, our Chief Technical Officer will share with you deep and fascinating insights into various technical details of the highly appreciated SW-51 Mustang full-carbon Experimental Amateur Build aircraft. The CTO Newsletters will be sent out on the 15th of each month.

That’s it, that’s all… Here is our 1st monthly CEO Newsletter from Christian von Kessel:

THE Breakthrough Summer of 2022

How time flies ! It’s been three months since our last newsletter and the busiest three months of growth in our company´s history. The SW-51 Mustang US flight premiere at OSH 2022 kickstarted an avalanche of excitement and interest from the market, which in turn required us to substantially grow our team and production capacities. With new high performing key executives, administration and production experts joining the team in the past three months alone, our collective ScaleWings force is now scratching the 40 people mark. I am thrilled to share that we are entering a new dimension of our company´s evolution in becoming the world #1 brand in unique light aviation.

With 5 new SW-51 Mustang customers joining the owners group at Oshkosh AirVenture 2022, and 2 additional owners coming on board in the week of the Reno Air Races 2022 – as ScaleWings pilots performed highly acclaimed and truly unforgettable live SW-51 flight demos at both events – we are now standing at 16 aircraft sold since the turn of the year… and counting.

Reinforced by our American team partner, U.S. Air Force Major and former Thunderbird #2, Trevor – callsign “Dozen” – Aldridge, and the outstanding media content creation of Intercut Productions of Bentonville, Arkansas, under the lead of our American team partner Zak Heald, we´re excited to share that we are now the biggest growing brand in global aviation social media !

Our global sales reach has impacted new regions: customers from multiple nations have joined the exclusive circle of owners ranging from Switzerland, Colombia (3x), USA (8x), South Africa, Germany, Bolivia, all the way to Australia. We have currently reached 5 of the world’s 7 continents, with only Asia is missing… and Antarctica ;-p

Today, as part of my series on introducing ScaleWings Team members, I would like to draw your attention to 2 new company executives on this side of the Atlantic, who are already adding tremendous force and intelligence to our mission: Mr. Simon Schell and Mr. Pawel Rokicki.

Introducing: Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Mr. Simon Schell

Simon is a passionate aviation expert with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, including several leading international aircraft manufacturers.

On his path of becoming a globally respected aviation executive, he specialized in technical project management and M&A (merger and acquisition) leadership, generating more than 300m € of investments. As a passionate German engineer with profound understanding of flight physics and aircraft design, he successfully enabled numerous “Amateur” builders on their missions to have their aircraft airborne and certified. Simon´s talent to explain most complex flight physics and aviation design solution in a compelling, yet simple way, helps us to communicate the technical reality of what we are creating, to a new level.

Simon holds a diploma degree in automotive & aeronautical engineering, and a B.A. in business management, as well as several pilot & sport pilot licenses.

Simon describe himself to be an enthusiast about the “good old fashion” aircraft of the glamorous golden times, such as seaplanes and warbirds, such as the Mustang – but combined with latest state-of-the-art technology.

He will enhance our forces to make the ScaleWings products even more the world’s most authentic, attractive, safe and modern aircraft you can fly.


Introducing: AeroPro Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mr. Pawel Rokicki

Pawel Rokicki is the new COO of ScaleWings AeroPro, our ScaleWings manufacturing company in Krosno in the Aviation Valley of Poland. Before becoming COO in September 2022, Pawel has been a leading materials specialist in the engineering group of HEGGEMANN AG, SME Company, located in North Rhine-Westphalia, where he supervised complex production challenges related to R&D, materials and processes.

Holding two professorships in the fields of materials engineering at Rzeszow University of Technology and mechanical engineering in University of Applied Sciences Fh-SWF in Soest, he has gained strong management and leadership skills. He has participated in multiple courses and internships, among others, TOP500 organized by Stanford University or SIMS led by IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center.

Pawel spent last 15 years as an expert providing services to companies from the aviation and automotive sector. He is an active member of advisory boards in The Ministry of Education and Science, The National Centre for Research and Development and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Pawel earned a PhD from Technical University Kosice and a Master of Sciences in metallic materials from AGH – University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

He is an experienced solution finder with a proven track record of successful projects in the area of engineering and leadership. Independent and goal-oriented, enjoying challenging himself. A true contributor who goes beyond what is required. Passionate about his work, he freely moves in an international environment, having a deep understanding of diverse cultural and business practices.

We are very excited to have Simon and Pawel on board and are looking forward to an amazing journey together.


Until next time, I wish you always great flying and happy landings.


Christian von Kessel

For inquiries, email us at:

Mr. Simon Schell

Mr. Christian von Kessel

International Sales:
ScaleWings Aircraft GmbH
Zainach 19
84307 Eggenfelden

ScaleWings Factory:
ScaleWings AeroPro Sp.z.o.o
ul. ks J. Popieluszki 88
38-400 Krosno
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