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ScaleWings – 2022 – Performance Review

By December 18, 2022No Comments

ScaleWings – 2022 – Performance Review

Production update 2022: increased speed… and deliveries

The year of 2022 has been our second year of serial production, and our first year of customer deliveries. As we transition into an increasingly industrialized pace of manufacturing, we carefully implement process innovations that help to reduce the production times of all manufactured parts and aircraft.

As the awareness and interest in our product grows, securing acceptable lead times for our customers has high priority for us. Consequently, streamlining production, anticipating bottlenecks, and growing the team are only some of the measures we are taking to continuously expand our production, striving to stay in constant alignment with the dynamic increase in our orders.

We are excited to share that we conclude the year 2022 reaching the following production milestones:

  • Completion of SN 002 (Kit) – Delivered to the USA
  • Completion of SN 003 (Kit) – Delivered to the USA
  • Completion of SN 004 (Build Assist Ready-to-Fly) – Delivered to Germany
  • Completion of SN 005 (Kit) – Delivered to Colombia
  • Completion of SN 006 (Kit) – Build Assist for Ready-to-Fly in Poland
  • Completion of SN 007 (Ready-to-Fly in Q1-23) Delivery to the USA
  • Completion of SN 008 (Kit) Shipment to the USA


Ready-to-Fly completion of SN 004 / German Registration

Diligent design effort this year was dedicated to the Build-Assisted completion of SW-51 Mustang SN004 in collaboration with the outstanding input of our Swiss customer and long-time ScaleWings supporter Beni.

Beni´s SN 004, painted in the colors of the Swiss Air Force, sets a new level of evolution of the SW-51, and the design solutions developed, tested, optimized, and ultimately approved and installed, bring benefits to the entire fleet of Kit and Ready-to-Fly aircraft. For details on the technical innovations, Simon will update you further in one of his upcoming newsletters.

SN 004 will also be the first SW-51 Mustang to be certificated as Experimental Amateur Build in Germany. The aircraft is currently based in Leutkirch, Allgäu (EDNL), where it is awaiting its Permit-to-Fly to start and perform the flight test campaign. More information on this bird, and the amazing and captivating story behind it will be the topic of one of our future releases.

SN Double-“O”-Seven “007”: new USA demo aircraft

Next to our production of new Kits and Ready-to-Fly aircraft from our order book we are currently entering the Assembly Phase of a very special new aircraft for our main market USA.

The SW-51 Mustang SN 007 will be a demo aircraft for the US, showcasing some of the highest level technological advancements available in general aviation today. The aircraft will feature full glass cockpit by GARMIN, consisting of a 10″ G3X Touch and G5 Backup, as well as unique ScaleWings design details that not only add value to our customers, but pay tribute to its iconic name “twin”, the legendary British secret service agent 007. More details of this highly desired Mustang will be disclosed very soon.

Social Media Awareness

This past month, our global reach on social media has gone off the scale, with ScaleWings videos reaching more than 10 Million people in the past 3 weeks alone. The videos show epic new angles of the SW-51 Mustang, some taken from high performance race drones, incredible moments that have never been seen of any aircraft… let alone a Mustang !!

If you haven’t yet seen the videos and like to experience them first hand, hit one or both of the links below to be forwarded to the Instagram profiles. Once there, simply scroll down and click on an image to play each short film.


New YouTube Episode on “Cockpit & Interior”

Following the great echo of existing customers and interested followers, our educational YouTube series, brought to you by Simon for the first time two weeks ago, has been highly welcomed in the community – thank you for your feedback. Your perspectives, wishes, recommendations and suggestions for improvements are always very welcome !

Keeping your flow of technical insights going, you can now watch the new Episode 2: Cockpit & Interior on our YouTube Channel, where Simon takes you on another tour of the design features of the full-carbon SW-51 Mustang.

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Photos Courtesy of Kelly Qualls & Ramey Tyler/Intercut Productions – ScaleWings Aircraft


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