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The serial SW-51 Mustang is airborne !

By June 2, 2021September 11th, 2022No Comments

The serial SW-51 Mustang is airborne !

Mission accomplished.

On 20th of May 2021, the serial SW-51 Mustang successfully performed its first flight at Mlada Boleslav airport (LKMB) in the Czech Republic.

The company´s aircraft serial number #001 took off at 11:37 am into the light cloudy sky. Chief Test Pilot Jirko “Jiri” Hybler praised the balanced and highly maneuverable handling of the aircraft, managing crosswinds of more than 10kts with superior control. Within the first flight hours all systems were checked to proof their functionality. These flights already included the retraction of the all-electrically driven landing gear. The first flight worked exactly to the schedule so that 35 minutes later the aircraft safely touched the ground back in LKMB.

This first flight of the serial aircraft configuration of the SW-51 Mustang is an important milestone for the ScaleWings company group. The aircraft program was launched in 2013, followed by a successful first flight of the “proof of concept” prototype just one year later in 2014. Since then ScaleWings was working on both, the serialization of the aircraft and the industrialization of the company at the production site in Krosno, Poland.

The ScaleWings SW-51 Mustang is a true-to-scale high performance replica in 70% to the Original P-51 Mustang aircraft dimension and an all-carbon fiber design. Intricate eye-catcher: more than 100,000 details such as rivets, textiles, covers, etc. were meticulously handcrafted into all manufacturing molds. This unique feature, combined with a highest quality chrome finish, allow all serial SW-51s to identically mirror the Original´s aluminum appeal in an unprecedented form.

The aircraft configuration features a Garmin G3X glass cockpit, electrically driven retractable landing gear (main gear and tail-wheel), ballistic parachute system (BRS) by Galaxy GRS and a brand new Rotax 915iS Turbo engine, catapulting the sleek design to a climb rate of more than 2,200 ft/min. The airframe´s flight envelope is designed for a Vne of not less than 400km/h (216kts). By keeping the noise emission on a much lower level compared to the Original, but maintaining a similar “sound design” the aircraft merges all positive effects of innovative technologies and historic ramp appeal.

Due to the fact that historic aircrafts are still extremely popular with many private pilots, aircraft enthusiast but also professional aviation companies ScaleWings decided to launch this program as it serves two major advantages for the market.

  1. On the commercial side the SW-51 Mustang costs less than 10% in acquisition, less than 1% in maintenance and burns less than 15% of the Original P51 Mustang aircraft.

This translates to a carbon dioxide footprint that is reduced by 85% compared to the Original flight experience while still maintaining the historic glance and glamour of operating such an aircraft design.

On the operational side the aircraft can be operated with a standard private pilot license and due to the simplicity of the design it does not require exceptional pilot credibility, thus dramatically reducing costs of training and operation including aircraft insurance, annual inspections and airport fees, just to name a few.

Note: It is highly recommended to consider professional transition training including taildragger aircraft experience, high performance aircraft experience as well retractable landing gear and constant speed propeller aircraft experience. ScaleWings aircraft does not guarantee that any pilot can safely operate the aircraft, without professional advice of experienced flight instructors. There is and will be a remaining risk operating the aircraft for the pilot, passenger and others.

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