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Never before has an historical aircraft been successfully recreated as a light, ultralight and experimental aircraft in such detail.


The ScaleWings sw51 Mustang is an absolute true-to-original ultralight replica of the legendary North American P-51 Mustang built to a scale of 1:1.43 (70%). The precise contours of the aircraft and the exact reproduction of the surface structures are what make the sw51 Mustang so compelling. Thousands of details of the original aircraft, such as rivets, screws, metal sheet joints and surface details of the original can be found on the ultralight Mustang.

In order to be able to replicate the same true-to-the-original surface over and over again, ScaleWings has developed a new manufacturing technology. The sw51 Mustang is manufactured in an intricate but extremely strong carbon fibre honeycomb sandwich construction. This guarantees minimal weight together with maximum strength. 

sw51 Mustang de 04   sw51 Mustang gr 18   sw51 Mustang fl 10  


The technology of the ScaleWings sw51 Mustang 



sw51 Mustang fl 18

sw51 Mustang fl 15

sw51 Mustang gr 31 

The sw51 Mustang is designed for high air speeds and aerobatics ( +6g / -3g).

The sw51 Mustang is offered both as an experimental aircraft with a MTOW of 2,646 lb / 1,200 kg and S-LSA with a MTOW of 1,323 lb / 600 kg (U.S. only). The Mustang will also be available as ultralight aircraft (EU) with a MTOW of 1,323 lb / 600 kg as soon as the MTOW for ultralight aircraft is raised to 1,323 lb / 600 kg.

An Experimental Exhibition is offered for the U.S. market.

The outer shell of the sw51 variants is identical but the 2,646 lb / 1.200 kg version has stronger structures and shells and conforms to the CS 23 load requirements. This enables stronger engines and higher speeds.

Engine types

sw51 Experimental

The standard engine for the experimental version will be the 300 hp Chevy LS ScaleWings edition of which a 600 hp version is also available.

The standard engine for the ultralight version is the ULPower 260iS (102 hp). ScaleWings also offers the whole range of Rotax engines from the 912 ULS (100 hp) up to the 915iS (141 hp). Speeds of approx. 280 km/h cane be reached with these propulsion units. The cruising speed is approx. 250 km/h.

Controller system in the standard version

sw51 Mustang ControllerA controller system with an extremely high safety standard has been developed to control the landing gear, landing flaps, and the electronic elevator, rudder and aileron trimming. This system is based on CANaerospace, a communication system developed for commercial aviation which has been tried-and-tested a thousand times over and also been published by NASA as a standard. All the functions can also be controlled from the rear seat with a second controller board.
Further details on the sw.Controller can be found under AeroTronics. 

Electrically retractable landing gear with emergency extension function

ScaleWings has developped a new electric drive for the retractable landing gear for the sw51 Mustang.

... -> read more

Landing flaps electronically controlled and monitored

sw51 Mustang gr 05 flapThe electronic control of the landing flaps enables a precise positioning and indication. The optional sw.Flinos enables the automatic positioning of the landing flaps according to the flight status. This reduces the pilot's workload and facilitates flying in difficult flight conditions.





Electronic elevator, rudder and aileron trimming

sw51 Mustang TrimBy default, the sw51 has a fly-by-wire trimming on all three axes controlled by the ScaleWings Controller.
The optional sw.Flinos offers a fully automatic trimming depending on engine power, speed, loading, attitude, altitude, etc.
Electronic trimming on all axes also enables attitude and course stabilization.




Electrically adjustable pedals 

The front pilot seat of the sw51 Mustang is equipped with electric rudder pedal adjustment as standard. As a result, the Mustang can be comfortably flown by pilots with a height of 165 to 195 cm. The electrical pedal adjustment is also available for the rear pilot seat as an option.
The optional sw.Flinos enables the pedal positions to be stored and subsequently automatically approached. This function is greatly appreciated by clubs, flight schools and charter companies.

Dual controls

The sw51 is equipped with dual controls as standard and can therefore also be flown from the rear pilot seat. The rear cockpit is provided with a minimal instrumentation as standard. Full instrumentation with an sw.Controller panel and sw.Flinos is also possible for the rear cockpit as an option.

Aerobatic fuel tanks

The two 50 litre Kevlar/Carbon safety tanks are located in the central wing area and can be easily removed for maintenance purposes. Aerobatic tanks which were specially developed for the Mustang and reliably supply the propulsion unit with fuel in any flight attitude are available for aerobatics.

The sw.AcroOil aerobatic oil supply system

ScaleWings has developed an innovative aerobatic oil supply system which reliably supplies the engine with oil in any flight attitude. Apart from the maintenance- and problem-free oil circulation ... -> read more

Integral engine cooling system

The cooling system was modified several times during flight testing, in order to be able to determine the best variant. The water and oil coolers as well as the cabin ventilation and heating are located directly behind the engine cowl in the lower fuselage area. The hot exhaust air is conducted directly downwards into the open air here.

As a result of this optimization, the large oil cooler shroud below the fuselage remains free and therefore generates hardly any air drag. 

Detatchable outer wings

The outer wing components (outside the landing gear) can be removed very easily. One person can assemble or disassemble the two outer wings within 5 min., whereby all connections (wing locks, aileron and flap connection, electrical and Pitot tube connection, etc.) are automatically disconnected ... -> read more

Elevator can be adjusted and disassembled

The sw51 Mustang can be deployed for a wide range of speeds, engines and take-off weights. A variable longitudinal dihedral has therefore been provided in the basic design. This enables subsequent tailoring to other deployment and equipment options. The elevator can be disassembled for easy replacement if damaged.

Cockpit equipment

sw51 Mustang de 19The sw51 cockpit panel with the analog instruments closely follows the original Mustang cockpit. The instrumentation is supplemented by the sw.Controller and the sw.Flinos as an option. There is also space for a 7-8 inch GPS, iPad mini or Android tablet. Details of the equipment can be found under Equipment and Prices.






Cockpit canopy

sw51 Mustang de 02

sw51 Mustang de 03

The cockpit canopy can be moved approx. 45 cm to the rear for taxiing and flight (max. 82 kt). The cockpit canopy can be opened sideways for easy entry and exit.






Luggage compartment

The sw51 Mustang has two luggage compartments. The front luggage compartment (between the engine compartment and cockpit) is for heavier luggage and the rear luggage compartment (behind the seats) for lighter luggage. The rear pilot seat can be folded forwards or removed completely from the aircraft for loading bulky pieces of luggage (e.g. golf bag, skis). An increased cargo space is available as an option. It includes an enlarged cargo space ranging from the behind the front pilot seat up to almost the rear landing gear. It contains a removable rear control stick and the lashing straps for the accomodation of (not to heavy) pieces of luggage. The area would offer itself as a place to sleep.

sw51 Mustang is made entirely from carbon

The entire aircraft as well as almost all the technical components are manufactured in a carbon technology patented by ScaleWings. This guarantees state-of-the-art standards, maximum strength with minimal weight and a decades-long service life.

The sw51 Mustang load tests

sw51 Mustang Loadtest4

sw51 Mustang Loadtest Stab

The sw51 has successfully passed all the load tests - with impressive results, as can be seen in the photos ... -> read more






Aluminium surface, weathering, operational markings

sw51 Mustang weatherd aluminiumsw51 Mustang polished aluminiumDifferent painting options are offered (two different aluminium-like, cromium-like, historical painting schemes.





Maintenance-free bearings

All bearing are maintenance-free in order to reduce the maintenance (costs) to a minimum.

Four blade aerobatic variable pitch propeller

sw51 Mustang 4 blade propellerMT-Propeller (Germany) has developed a four-blade variable pitsch carbon propeller which makes use of the potential of the sw51 Mustang. With an adjustment time from stop to stop of less than a second, the propeller is suitable for aerobatics.






Sound & Smoke System

The ScaleWings power sound system authentically reproduces the sound of the 2000 HP Merlin V12 engine in CD-quality and broadcasted through the external 2000 watt speaker system and the headsets ... -> read more

The sw.MobileHangar – the solution when hangar space is unavailable

MobileHangar L closed

MobileHangar S closed

Hangar space is a scarce commodity on almost all airfields. The solution here is the ScaleWings.MobileHangar. The MobileHangar is available in two sizes L(arge) and S(mall). The MobileHangar ... -> read more






The sw.AeroTrailer: the car trailer for the Mustang (and other aircrafts)

AeroTrailer perspectiv

AeroTrailer sideview

The sw.AeroTrailer was developed for the transport and “hangarage” of the sw51 Mustang. It is equipped with a special holding and swivelling mechanism, by means of which loading and unloading become child's play. A residential/office expansion kit will also be available for the sw.AeroTrailer from the end of 2017 to provide overnight, living or working accommodation at airfields, events or on the road. Further information can be found under AeroTrailer.




Worldwide transport in a sea container

The sw51 was developed by ScaleWings for the international market. With a transport frame for secure accommodation in a sea container or truck, the sw51 Mustang can be delivered anywhere in the world at a reasonable price in an almost ready-to-fly condition.

Flight tests

The sw51 Mustang has been undergoing flight testing with a Provisional Certificate of Airworthiness (PCA) / Permit to Fly (PTF) since September 2014. The extensive test flights have have confirmed the results of the first flights.

Test pilot Thomas Kreimeier certifies the sw51 Mustang excellent flight characteristics.

sw51 Mustang testpilot   sw51 Mustang fl 06   sw51 Mustang fl 16

 Captain Thomas Kreimeier – (Test Pilot):

“Right from the start I had a very good feeling with the sw51 Mustang. The aircraft is very good and stable in the air. The control response is exceptionally good, similar to the new Comet S2. Both the take-off and landing do not impose particular requirements on the pilot.”



The specifications of the sw51 Mustang


 1:1,43 = 70 % of the original


 311” / 7900 mm


 280” / 6880 mm


 78” / 1970 mm


 2 (pilot in front)

 Tank capacity

 26.4 USGal / 100 litres

 Landing gear

 Electrohydraulic retractable landing gear

 Landing flaps

 Electrohydraulically actuated


 Electronic elevator, rudder and aileron


 ScaleWings Controller





S-LSA (U.S.)

Ultralight (EU)

 Empty weight

889 lb / 400 kg -

1,433 lb / 650 kg

depending on the engine

750 lb / 340 kg

750 lb / 340 kg   

 Maximum take-off weight MTOW

2,646 lb / 1.200 kg

1,323 lb / 600 kg

1,323 lb / 600 kg

 Maximum permissible speed Vne

appr. 323 kt / 600 km/h

120 kt / 223 km/h

up to 216 kt / 400 km/h

 Maximum loads

+6 g / -3 g aerobatic

+6 g / -3 g aerobatic

+6 g / -3 g aerobatic

 Maximum engine power

600 HP

100 HP

250 HP
 Special regulations

speed limit 120 kt, fixed gear,

fixed pitch propeller

 available when MTOM

is raised above 500 kg


Basic configruation ScaleWings sw51 Mustang

Engine: ULPower UL 260iS (ultralight)

Basic instruments (front):

airspeed indicator, 3-point altimeter (10,000 ft), compass, bank indicator, analog displays for oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, engine speed, variometer, fuel pressure, hydraulic pressure, clock

Basic instruments (rear) : 

airspeed indicator, altimeter (5,000ft), bank indicator

Technical equipment:

Electrohydraulic retractable landing gear with landing gear bay doors, electrohydraulic landing flaps, electronic ... -> read more


Quick Build Kit (Experimental) complete kit including avionics but without engine (MTOM 1,200 kg / 2,646 lb) € 119,800.-
 S-LSA (USA) ready to fly, standard configuration with Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp (MTOM 600 kg / 1,323 lb) € 152,800.-
Ultralight (EU) from 10/2018 ready to fly, standard configuration with Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp (MTOM 600 kg / 1,323 lb) € 154,900.-

All prices Ex Works, taxes not included.


Optional equipment                                                          please find in detailled information 


Payment conditions

At order                           First deposit of € 9,800.-

16 weeks before delivery   Determination of equipment options and second deposit (50 % of order value)

On delivery                      Final payment

All prices Ex Works. Worldwide delivery via container (truck, railway, seefreight) or picking up at the factory.


Financing secured in April 2017 we have started the planning of our own production line and we expect production start in November 2017 with delivery the first sw51 Mustang Quick Build Kits planned for February 2018.


Sales and distribution is currently carried out directly from ScaleWings. A global distribution network is being set up. Distributor inquiries are welcome.

Upgrades e.g. other engine variants, additional equipment, etc. are possible up to approx. 16 weeks before delivery.

The kits / aircraft are produced and shipped in the order in which the orders were received. 

For Quesitons please don´t hesitate to contact Toni Eiser at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  0043 (0)664 1402575. 

... -> detailled information

sw51 Mustang fl 19   sw51 Mustang fl 20   sw51 Mustang gr 08


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