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  ScaleWings redefines emotion, passion and innovation in light aviation!


ScaleWings has set itself the task of exploring new territory with crative ideas and developing

   -  innovative aircrafts

   -  modern propulsion concepts

   -  innovative high-safety elektronics

   -  and much more

   for the privat recreational aviation.


Aircraft  and  Flight Sport Solutions

Scale Wings first successful project is the sw51 Mustang – a true to scale and true to the original replica of the legendary North American P51 Mustang as (ultra)light aircraft. New and patented production technologies and strategies are the key to this. They enable the sw51 Mustang to be offered at a reasonable price ready-to-fly or as a kit.

On the basis of these technologies we will develop new unique aircraft concepts, such as the sw21 Jet or the sw22 Apus high-performance aerobatic glider. Further projects are waiting for their realization.


sw51 Mustang fl 17   sw21 Jet 12   sw22 Apus aerobatic trprt  


Die ScaleWings AeroTronic

The sw.Controller is the first product of a series of electronic systems for recreational aircraft. It monitors and controls the retractable landing gear and the landing flaps as well as electronic trimming. With the sw.Flinos ScaleWings will develop an Flight-Information and Operation System for (ultra)light aircraft with functionalities actually only available for business and commercial.

Likewise, the ScaleWings Sound & Smoke system was developed for the SW51 Mustang designed to reproduce the fascinating sound and the start smoke at the original exhaust pipes of the original Merlin engine.


ScaleWings Hydraulikboard     ScaleWings Switchboard   sw.AeroTronics controllers


Safety and performance: the sw.AeroHybrid - System

Increased safety and performance is our goal. The sw.AeroHybrid plug-in provides additional power for take-off and various flight manoeuvres and enables a stress-free safety landing or the nearest airfield to be reached in the event of engine failure.“Electrical take-off – fly with fuel” will therefore also be possible for the first time.


sw.AeroHybrid 03     sw.AeroHybrid 02   


Other fascinating concepts are on the drawing board ready for implementation.


ScaleWings has taken over the production and distribution of the sw51 Mustang

We have dissolved our partnership with FK-Lightplanes by an amicable agreement. ScaleWings has taken over the production and distribution in its own hands.

We have already started the planning of our own production and we expect production start in April / May 2016. As ScaleWings has developed the entire production technology, the manufacturing documentation and the manufacturing techniques we expect that the production of the sw51 Mustang will not present any problem. The necessary human resources are available.

The start of the delivery of the sw51 Mustang is planned for September 2016.

ScaleWings will take care of the German, Swiss and Austrian market directly. For the other regions of Europe and Overseas, we are just building up a worldwide distribution network.


We´ll bring you together:  the ScaleWings WingSharing

Flying is a social experience, which can sometimes only be realized with partners. It is difficult to find appropriate partners for an owner's group. With WingSharing.aero, we quickly and easily find partners for owner's groups for you and take care of your aircraft as if it were our own. And we do this across Europe.sw.WingSharing pic

The ScaleWings Community

ScaleWings not only stands for innovation and excellent products. ScaleWings is a philosophy - a byword for innovative and fascinating solutions for aviation.

The ScaleWings.Community is your direct link to ScaleWings. Here we provide you with a direct insight into our projects and look forward to receiving ideas and suggestions for exciting new products and solutions.


Scalewings Community Logo 600


 You will find more information in the respective sections.


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Hans Schwöller   (Hans Schwoeller, Ing., CEO)                       



                    ScaleWings Group